Would you rent an iPad for your next flight?

Poll: How much would you pay ro rent an iPad on a flight?
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$0.00 ..it should be free or I am not interested
  • Posted: 29 January 2010 10:43 AM

    I can see airlines “renting” iPads on most flights especially on flights of 2 hours or more. this could be a very win/win situation.

    New revenue stream for the airlines.
    Much better “entertainment” system than found on ANY airline.
    Expose new user to the potential of this new device.
    Replace the airline magazine with an “iPad” version.
    Most major airlines no longer accept cash and have credit card readers deterring people from “stealing” the iPads. or actually allowing users to purchase them.
    It would be a GREAT marketing approach from Apple as they do not have enough stores for the “hands on” experience millions would like.

    I know I would spend $10 for this privilege if I did not own one:)

    What do you think? Would you rent one (if you didn’t already have one). If so how much would you be willing to pay?

  • Posted: 29 January 2010 10:48 AM #1

    If I were an airline operator (a savvy one that is) I would include an iPad with every seat and provide content. Not one airline has a decent entertainment system. What a draw card that would be.

    edit… for long haul that is

  • Posted: 29 January 2010 11:08 AM #2

    No. I won’t rent one. At the anticipated product price I’ll buy one and bring it with me.  Its size and weight is less that that of a netbook, it leverages my existing investments in apps, music and movies and I’ll want my stuff on it.

  • Posted: 29 January 2010 11:12 AM #3

    DawnTreader - 29 January 2010 03:08 PM

    No. I won’t rent one. At the anticipated product price I’ll buy one and bring it with me.  Its size and weight is less that that of a netbook, it leverages my existing investments in apps, music and movies and I’ll want my stuff on it.

    Actually you have a point there will come a point where the iPad will be ubiquitous and airlines wont have to provide entertainment systems. It will be BYO.

  • Posted: 29 January 2010 12:38 PM #4

    I’m assuming that they’d be charging me just the same to use my own on the in-flight WiFi, and that they’d be serving some premium content (newspaper/movie/magazine).

    I think there’s a huge opportunity for any time / place consumers have to stand/sit and wait. Eg in line for fast food; (waiting for) transportation, hotel lobby, doctor’s waiting room etc. It’s so cheap, and so easy to deploy. So long as the home button is covered, it can be dedidated to a custom app. (Safari functionality is easy to embed, so many of the simple apps required can be built with web tools)

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    Posted: 30 January 2010 02:19 AM #5

    The problem I see is how does the airline distinguish between my own and theirs.  Part of what makes is appealing is a the sleek and clean feel. If they ad covers or place other logos on it, it loses its appeal.

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    Posted: 30 January 2010 03:32 AM #6

    For $20, sure.  The problem is the iPads would need to be preloaded with content.  I don’t see the airlines being sophisticated enough to do that, they’d most likely need to outsource it.  One or two airlines (quirkier/higher-end types like Virgin Atlantic, etc.) might try it, but airline companies being airline companies, I don’t see this happening on a wide scale anytime soon.


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    Posted: 30 January 2010 05:14 AM #7

    Only problem I see is the amount of time and manpower it would take to handout and collect all the iPads. Its not quite like a cheap pair of headphones that weigh an ounce or two. I dont know what the avg passenger capacity on most flights are but lets just say you have a flight with a 275 passenger capacity. You wouldnt bring 275 devices obviously, lets assume they have 150 available for this plane. I mean if they were any more popular that would mean most people would already be carrying their own. Yes yes??

    So anyway with the assumed hypothetical numbers above you have a minimum of an additional 225 lbs in product to carry aboard the plane. Once on board the biggest logistical hurdle would be the handing out and the collecting, they would have to be logged in and out in some fashion so that would add considerably more work to the crew since they are having to deal with drink and food carts throughout the flight.

    One would assume that they would be handed with power adapters as well that would plug direct into the planes accessory ports, otherwise the devices would only be good for a few flights.

    To get around the logistics of handing in/out I could see them possibly incorporating the device into the seat in front of you having it hardwired and “securely connected” similar to the inflight phones some carriers offer. But the cost to retrofit a whole fleet would seem staggering to most airline CFOs. especially since most airlines barely squeak out a profit nowadays.

    I could see this happening on larger cross country or international flights possibly in the future but since most carriers seem to be stubborn to upgrade existing crafts I dont see them willing to do this for at least 5-10 years.

    It does makes sense to me though but then again I don’t run an airline. 8)

    edit: by the way I voted $20 but thats based on a minimum 6 hour flight and the device already having been loaded with some relatively current movies as well as other content. I mean I would be buying a few magazines or a book or two before I get on the flight anyway. I always seem to spend at least $20 before I get on a plane.

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    Posted: 30 January 2010 06:16 PM #8

    I was involved in a demo for a similar idea for sporting events.  They handed out Ipod touches in the luxury box Skybox
    .  Pretty cool idea you could look at video reviews and all the stats.  Would fit perfect on an IPAD could rent an Ipad for more detail view should also work well for museum tours or site seeing.  As far as the rental poll I will already own one so will have no need to rent but if you are paying to watch a movie or rent a headset it should be the same processor for the inflight entertainment.  The could include an RFID security tag on the thing which sets off an alarm if you try to walk with a device.  For the Ipod touch they made a digital copy of our license so they could track us down if we forgot to return them.

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    Posted: 12 May 2010 10:04 PM #9

    Boxerconan posted at Sanity forum earlier this evening this link which talks about Bluebox Avionics a company that is preparing to offer inflight entertainment utilizing the iPad just as we discussed here.

    Also read here
    about latest news.

    This will be huge as soon as a few more carriers start to implement it. Imagine how many people each day will be using an iPad for the very first time! What do you think they will do when they get home or to their destination??? I bet half of them will look for an Apple store so they can run out and buy one for themselves. The best way to get someone to understand how cool and intuitive the user experience is with the ipad is to put one in their hands. This is basically converting every flight that has them into an Apple store at 10,000 feet in the air!

    I personally think this will be a BIG kaching!!

  • Posted: 07 May 2012 09:59 AM #10

    I always take my iPad with me when I go travelling. So it won’t be suitable for me. Also one of the things that makes the iPad great is the apps and personalisation. I use a lot of pay for apps too, which the rental will not have.

    Having said that I do understand the advantage of renting one. A few years ago I rented out an iPad to use in a job interview for my presentation. I didn’t want to use lousy power point presentation. I rented 3 out for a day from rental tablets.

  • Posted: 07 May 2012 12:25 PM #11

    They already provide game / movie systems on many airlines. Last time it was 10$ per, and had bunch of shows/ games etc..Some have it built in the back of the seat and give some content free and other on demand. This is already existing market, the only questions is will any airlines switch to ipad or stay with the current ones. You can also buy internet connection and use your device.

  • Posted: 07 May 2012 01:03 PM #12

    Eight years ago, returning from Pittsburgh to north Idaho, rented a DVD player for my daughter and I at the airport. The player required a deposit of $350 (credit card), each DVD was $6.00.  That business model failed.

    On the other hand, I can see airborn WiFi being made available for a fee ($10/flight/day?).

    The average passenger makes 6 flights per day. With an average of 200 passengers on board I can see 30-40 having an iPhone or iPad that would pay the price for connectivity. That works out to about $2,400/day/plane, with very Ittle cost to the airlines.


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  • Posted: 07 May 2012 02:05 PM #13

    I do not think it is a good idea.  A lot of people are rough on rental equipments.  Space is tight so can easily see accidents.  As careful as I am, I have cracked my iPad screen.

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    Posted: 07 May 2012 02:15 PM #14

    $ 5-10.  or include in the price. 

    If they are rough on equipment, they may not be allowed on the airplane at all.

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    Posted: 07 May 2012 02:54 PM #15

    Doesn’t it seem odd that a 2 year old topic was dredged up by a new user, posting a link in their message?....

    /just sayin’