Rename Idisk?

  • Posted: 03 February 2010 12:38 AM

    Okay, somehow my 3 year old got hold of my idisk short cut on the deskstop and renamed it with a whole slew of characters. I would like to change it back to it’s previous name. But for the life of me I can’t seem to change the name when I left click, right click or any combo of clicks I can this of with command keys. Is there a way to restore it? In the sidebar it has the name Idisk.

  • Posted: 03 February 2010 12:59 PM #1

    Is the icon you see an alias (with a little arrow on top of it) or the actual icon of the iDisk itself?

  • Posted: 03 February 2010 08:13 PM #2

    It’s the actual icon. Perhaps I should refer to it as the mobile me icon on the desktop. Anyway when I select it and send it to the finder sidebar, the name is Idisk, but on the desktop it has the large amount of random letters, not the mobileme user name as it did before.