Several Vintage Macs for Sale - anyone in the market for one?

  • Posted: 10 February 2010 10:39 PM

    Hi all,

    First post and it’s a spam selling my wares . . .  grin

    Seriously though, I inherited a number of vintage Macs and I have been making my way through them, testing and - in some cases - doing my best to fix what was broken (with less success than I had hoped - if I was a head coach, I would lose my job for sure!).  But hey, before this adventure, I had never even touched a Mac - literally! 

    Below is a link to the current auctions I have posted on Ebay.  There is a nice G3 and several 6100s - and a lot of four “fixer-uppers”.  (That less than stellar success rate).

    If you see something you like - great!  If you see something you think someone you know might like, please pass it on!  And thank you!!