whats the best way to shamelessly get free apple notebooks?

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    Posted: 11 February 2010 04:03 AM

    Hey Guys,

    i know this may seem like a radical question. I keep hearing about how reviewers and bloggers get sent free stuff to review or look over all the time. Now I’m just a cheap guy and want a second mac laptop for use on the road where I don’t have to care if it comes back or not.

    whats the best way to get a free laptop given to me?
    -youtube video?
    -plea to apple?
    -donation button on a website?

    -thanks in advance.


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  • Posted: 11 February 2010 03:07 PM #1

    when you find out please let me know.



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    Posted: 11 February 2010 03:54 PM #2

    you do realize that they usually have to return the free stuff after they do the review, right? Software can usually be kept, but hardware almost always has to go back, unless it is really cheap hardware (like a USB hub, not like a netbook).