Powerbook G4 1.67 17"

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    Posted: 12 February 2010 08:49 PM

    Are these still capable machines in 2010…. I say yes…

    I love my power-book and people say it’s old… well it does everything I need it to do…

    I just get annoyed at people needing the LAGS… I used to be like that but with this economy er I mean depression…

    I sold my Mac mini 2009 for what I paid for it.  I used to have 4 macs but I sold 3 of them on ebay.

    Mostly I love the PB for it’s mobility, I’ve gotten tired being tied to a desk on the computer…

    I had a G5 2.0 Dual Core, Sold. iMac G4 800MHZ sold, Mac Mini 2009 Sold…

    As I work in the IT support and managing MAC’s AND PC’s.

    What are everyone’s thoughts about the Aluminum Power-books in 2010….

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    Powerbook G4 1.67, 17” 100GB & 1TB FW800 ext