Apple Ad from 1984

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    Posted: 17 February 2010 02:48 AM

    I remember this now, but had completely forgotten about it.

    Year: 1984
    Production Co.: Silver Screen
    Director: Geoff Dixon
    Talent: Andy Anderson, Bruce Allpress

    A real kiwi farmer (Andy Anderson) announces in the pub that he has bought a computer. His friends laugh and scoff, spilling their drinks in a mixture of hilarity and surprise, but they want to check it out. The farmer and his friends crowd round the computer in awe.

    “So simple to operate you can teach yourself the basics yet so versatile there’s over 10,000 individual programmes to choose from. Apple Computers, simply good business”.

    “I had to put the dog down. MIssus shot through with that bloke down the road. Bought a computer.”

    I’m sure the old guy (Bruce Allpress) behind him says, “Hey, have you got Deep Throat?” But I could be mistaken.


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  • Posted: 04 April 2010 08:34 PM #1

    Laurie, long time no post. I’m pleased to see you’re still predisposed towards the obscure.

    There’s some good stunt driving in that ad. The scene where they’re racing to the farmhouse has some pretty sharp overtaking with little more than a bee’s dick to spare.


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