iMac Aquariums

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    Posted: 18 February 2010 07:57 PM

    One day at work 3 years ago we had a G3 snow iMac that died.  They asked me to take it out and throw it away because it was beyond repair.  I couldn’t bear to throw it away so I just took it home figuring I could do something with it someday.  A while later I came across a picture of an iMacquarium that someone had made and I knew I had found a use for my iMac friend who would have been on his way to the junkyard.  Fast forward through a bunch of planning and design changes and I finally had a working iMacquarium.  Everyone who saw it thought it was awesome and soon I was building them for family and friends. 

    The tank is by far the hardest and most expensive part to construct.  A square tank would be no problem but my tank design was far from being square.  It had to be as wide as the screen in the front and taper back to fit the shape of the iMac.  I also had to curve the face of the tank to fit where the CRT monitor used to be to eliminate the gap that would be there if it were flat.  I took my tank design to a local custom plastic manufacturer and asked them if they could build several tanks matching my design.  When they said they could I knew I was going to be building a lot of aquariums.

    I started collecting dead iMacs from local recyclers, invested in all of the materials and supplies I would need, and started building iMacquariums in my spare time.  I designed a little website in iWeb ( and soon I had my first iMacquarium sale to a man in Florida. 

    In the last 3 years I’ve built over 75 iMacquariums and shipped them all over the world.  It’s a great feeling to take something that was on it’s way to be destroyed and transform it into something that will be admired in someones living room or office again. 

    For more information and pictures visit my iMacquarium Website.