OT-Quicken “Essentials for Mac” Arrives

  • Posted: 28 February 2010 11:20 PM #16

    I’ve used older versions of Quicken Mac for years and they did the trick for basic accounting function.

    For the last several years, I’ve used Quicken (Mac) 2007.  I’m very happy with it and it does basic accounting very well!  (Although obviously there’s room for improvement and advancement.)
    I’m sorry the Intuit didn’t just “advance” it.

    The new Quicken Essentials has got me perplexed about whether to pay for it.
    I see that it is lacking in some features (however those features are probably not necessary for me).
    It is overall very disappointing that Intuit has been worked on it for so long and is so far behind where it should be on the Mac platform.
    And I’m distrustful of Intuit in general (bc of its poor history/support towards Mac).
    So I, myself, am not going to buy it at this point.

    On the other hand, I’d really like to “support/encourage” QE’s development efforts by buying the new Quicken Essentials (in the hopes that my bucks would cause Intuit to rapidly continue to improve it).  But I’m not that fluid right now, so the current retail price is too steep for a “supportative” or “exploratory/evaluative” purchase by me.  Maybe at $25-30 I would do that.

    The bottom-line is the QM 2007 does enough for me and so I will definitely stick with it!
    However, I SURE DO HOPE THAT (the Mac Team at) INTUIT CONTINUES TO DEVELOP AND IMPROVE QUICKEN FOR MAC—because the Mac platform absolutely requires some excellent accounting program that handles all the basics. 

    I encourage other people (who don’t already own Q 2007 to buy and use the QE), it looks like it will do as much of the basics as any other accounting program suggested.

    My BIGGEST WISH for an accounting program would be that it would be well integrated or synced with my PIM/Address Book (which is ENTOURAGE) and also include some TIME BILLING sw.  It would be great to have all my contacts/cal events be integrated with my accounting program and a time maintenance program.  That would put all my life and finances in one package.
    Basically I’d be happy to see an accounting program “inside” of ENTOURAGE (MS OFFICE).

    (Yes, you read it right—I use MS OFFICE’s well-integrated ENTOURAGE, instead of Apple’s separate components of Mail/iCal/Address Book.)