Apple Sues HTC

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    Almost totally OT, but this interview with (60’s fashion) photographer David Bailey was well worth the 8 minutes. But he does say that you must steal, not copy, to achieve anything worthwhile. So here it is.

    The 60’s have never ended

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    Posted: 20 March 2010 03:48 PM #47

    2 points which I hope add to this discussion:

    1) Apple legal is not handling the case against HTC, Apple hired a highly respected international law firm Kirkland and Ellis which has a specialty department in IP law. Heading that department and heading Apple’s suit against HTC is a chap named Robert Krupka who has a reputation as one of the best if not the best (as in successful in big cases and knowledgeable) IP lawyers on the planet. He is known for bringing cases to judgement rather than settling and his case record of wins includes several big time cases. Given Krupka’s standing and reputation, given the costs that must be involved in hiring him and K&E, I’d say that a) Krupka would not take the case if he didn’t think he could win it, why would he risk a defeat by a small firm like HTC just to get a few minutes with the Steve? b) that a strategy has been planned out to the nth degree and nothing is being left to chance (eg, filing in District Court in Delaware, separating the 2 cases against HTC, choosing the patents to attack HTC with…), c) that this case is going to cost Apple a lot of money and so Apple are shooting for some pretty high stakes. Apple think everything through and I doubt even Steve could have forced this case to happen if the board and Tim Cook and others who have influence didn’t agree. I don’t think Apple is a company of “yes” men/women. And of course management have to be able to explain themselves to their shareholders as the case develops. So I don’t think there’s anything trivial going on here. Apple are in this to win. From what I’ve learned the patent case in District Court (the one with the multitouch patent in it) could go on for quite a long time but the case filed with the International Trade Commission could and likely will be decided within a matter of months.

    2) Regarding SJ’s stealing quote… I guess what you say can be yanked out of the context its said in and smeared all over sites like engadget and boing boing and cnet but all artists do steal ideas. I think the best way to describe what Jobs meant was great artists steal ideas and build on them but any old artist knows that building on someone elses idea is part of the game, only slimeballs plagerise and just reuse the material rather than trying to create anything new, they pass off the material as their own. I personally think that Android is a conceptual rip-off the iPhone. I don’t see a contradiction between what Jobs said and what Apple is doing in suing Google’s proxy, HTC. I am sad that its come to this and I agree with John Gruber that points of stress between Apple and Google are going to get worse.


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    great first post relentless . . . welcome aboard!