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  • Posted: 14 March 2010 11:37 PM

    All, I have been a huge MAC fan since I have implemented a MAC network 7 months ago.  The problem is, I have been messing with backup storage for that long.  The networking was no problem.  Here is my situation.

    3 - iMACs
    1 - MACPro
    They are all hard wired into a switch.
    Into that switch is a DROBO and DROBO Share.
    I am attempting to make that a backup source.
    I have found that the DROBO backup software doesn’t work well yet.
    Obviously TimeMachine backups aren’t doable.

    Carbon Copy Cloner would work great if I were connected via USB, but I can’t create a sparse image from over the network, so I thought, “hey, maybe I’ll create the sparse image on the desktop, and then move it to the network and point CCC to it and have it continue to back up there.”  Nope, can’t get it to move basically due to a “read only” error, and now I can’t delete it due to the read only error.  I tried to compress it to maybe get it out of the read only, and it doesn’t even attempt to make a compression.

    Does anyone have a backup software or ideas that will work?  7 months is getting to be ridiculous.

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    Posted: 15 March 2010 02:02 AM #1

    I may be completely wrong here but?

    If you select your networked drive and get info on it (Apple-I), you should see a check box like this:

    If you click on the ‘Shared folder’, does that make any difference?


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  • Posted: 15 March 2010 12:15 PM #2

    How about this?

  • Posted: 15 March 2010 02:54 PM #3

    Read/Write is no problem.  See attachment. But thank you for the reply.

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  • Posted: 15 March 2010 03:29 PM #4

    bit-twiddler - 15 March 2010 03:15 PM

    How about this?

    Bit-twiddler, assume that the link you sent would work.  It appears that it may.  When I try to delete the Sparse image created by CCC OR copy it to the DROBO, it comes up with the error box in the attachment.  How do I deal with that?

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  • Posted: 23 March 2010 12:34 PM #5

    I ended up calling Apple Support.  Apparently, with a DROBO Share over the network, the support technician was able to find the exact same issue.  It was also an error code -36 .  He said that it means a corrupt file system.  Therefore, I am not using the DROBO Share at all.  I decided to do the backups the old fashioned way since I didn’t want to encounter the problem later after I thought I had it “fixed”.  I would hate to NEED the backup and not be able to use it…  That would be bad.  So the DROBO is without the DROBO Share hooked via USB to the iMAC.  I will map the other MACs through the iMAC for them to be able to backup also.