beginning of the end for Cable?

  • Posted: 03 April 2010 11:55 AM #16

    willrob - 02 April 2010 01:03 PM

    Netflix App is in iTunes store. I’m surprised Apple is allowing it since it competes with iTunes’ offerings. Hulu also looks like it may be iPadable.

    The folks at Netflix have blogged that they will soon have a version for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

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    Posted: 03 April 2010 12:09 PM #17

    I want chime in a little

    We are far from ending cable.  I thought we would hurt cable to Netflix back in 07 when AppleTV was introduced.

    Yes we can now watch movies via the iPad or iPhone from various networks.  However the issue is broadband.  Not only is it too slow for most people to watch live TV or recorded TV, but millions don’t don’t have broadband.

    Here is an example.  I uploaded a vacation HD video that I made with iMovie.  I tried to show it to friends at work.  No luck with 3G network.  Even with the wifi at work, it would take about 15 minutes to download a 3 1/2 minute video.

    People want to see media quickly and simply change channels.  A remote with cable is much more popular then a computer waiting for a video to upload to watch later.

    I think the iPad will be more successful with delayed rentals or video purchases like AppleTV.  But we are very far from trying to kill Cable.

    We need to talk again in about 7 years about this.