iPhone OS 4.0 Preview Event Scheduled for This Thursday

  • Posted: 09 April 2010 02:11 PM #46

    It is true that iPhone OS 3.2 (which powers the iPad) already has a couple of the enhancements that are coming in iPhone OS 4. But the iPad’s new features represent only a small fraction of what was announced yesterday.

    I’m sure Apple could very easily post a 3.2 update for iPhones and iPods today if they wanted to. But I think that if iPhones and iPods get any updates prior to 4.0, they’ll be minor fixes to 3.1.x.

    It won’t be for technical reasons, it’s just because Apple prefers it that way. As Apple’s newest baby, the iPad will probably get the privilege of having a couple unique software features for a couple months.

    That’s my prediction, anyway…

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