Share your favorite iPad apps

  • Posted: 21 June 2011 05:28 AM #16

    My current favorite app is Demolition Dash HD. It’s a cool running game, in which Zilla, a tinny little monster destroys eight of the world’s most famous cities. Don’t know why this simple game can be so addictive!

  • Posted: 04 July 2011 07:50 AM #17

    Apple just approved my firs application. So my favorite application is:

    Santorini Photo Book

  • Posted: 16 September 2011 10:21 AM #18

    I have found ZoomNotes ( to be the best handwriting app for the iPad. As far as I can tell, it is the only app with an unlimited zoom feature, which is amazing! You can also import PDF files and photographs and write on these. The format is really intuitive too. Everyone should check it out!

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    Posted: 16 September 2011 11:19 AM #19

    You do realize that this topic is a honeypot for spammers, right?

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    Posted: 10 October 2011 06:16 AM #20

    The apps I’m playing at the moment on my iPad are

    Yeti Confetti HD -


    Gridloch -

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    When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.
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    Posted: 10 October 2011 06:19 AM #21


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    When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.
    Get in the cave!

  • Posted: 26 October 2011 02:04 PM #22

    Bar none, my favorite and most used app on the iPad is the Reeder App for RSS

    My favorite productivity app for use at work and otherwise is FlightTrack

    Favorite browser app besides Safari is Photon Flash and it’s near seamless capability to display flash content, both video and game.

    Favorite utility apps are SYS-Activity and iStat

  • Posted: 02 December 2011 04:33 PM #23

    I’ve only had an iPad for a few weeks, but so far:

    BBC News

  • Posted: 05 December 2011 08:44 PM #24

    i like Goodreader is genial PDF

  • Posted: 06 December 2011 09:37 PM #25

    I have been looking for a good hand writing based note taking app. After trying 9 of them, I found Notability and it may replace my paper journal. Great product.

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    Posted: 10 December 2011 12:40 AM #26

    Splashtop- access your Mac
    PrintMagic-print to a non-AirPrint printer
    Converter- unit converter
    H.W. Mail - graphic mail messages
    Shazam-listens to songs and identifies the title/artist/album?
    NFL 2011
    ScoreCenterXL-ESPN scores
    Dictation-by Dragon
    AudioMemos - slick and easy