Price Targets, Four Horsemen!

  • Posted: 21 April 2010 10:37 AM

    Now that the mainstream financial press is starting to pay attention to how inferior the pros are on earnings estimates compared to AFB members, its time for the coup de grace:  PED needs to do a comparison of price targets (after adjustments today).  Its time to show the world just how out of touch the analysts are. 

    The only thing that keeps professional analysts from looking like the baboons they are, is that they can keep raising their targets as the year goes along, and few take them to task for their earlier targets.  We need to put a stake in the ground.  Get their targets versus ours published and then reviewed a year later.  Let’s see how their 300 targets look in April 2011.

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    Posted: 21 April 2010 10:53 AM #1

    Based on my preliminary numbers.  I’m at EPS of TTM16.65 with a price target 25 X of 418.  Obviously this is subject to revision even the non-pro’s don’t have a crystal ball.

  • Posted: 21 April 2010 12:01 PM #2

    The Four Horseman and Deagol!  grin

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    Posted: 21 April 2010 12:34 PM #3

    DawnTreader - 21 April 2010 03:01 PM

    The Four Horseman and Deagol!  grin

    What happened to the dirty dozen. :wink: One of my favorites.