Are You Attending WWDC 2010?

Poll: Are You Attending WWDC 2010?
Total Votes: 8
No, because it’s too expensive
No, because the dates were announced to late
No, because it’s too iPhone/iPad focused
No, because it doesn’t fit my schedule
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    Posted: 28 April 2010 12:14 PM

    Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference runs from June 7 through June 11 in San Francisco. There will be sessions for Mac and iPhone, iPod touch and iPad developers, as well as IT pros. This year, however, the developer awards will be limited to App Store offerings, which means no awards for Mac OS X applications.

    So… Are you planning on attending WWDC 2010?

  • Posted: 28 April 2010 02:28 PM #1

    On the subject of “too ipad/iphone focused:” Is it just me, or does it feel like Apple is on the verge of ditching Macs all together in favor of their new appliances?

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    Posted: 28 April 2010 04:38 PM #2

    It’s just you.  wink