Can’t get dvd tray to extend open on Mac G5 tower

  • Posted: 11 July 2010 07:08 PM

    I’m having a problem with my Mac G5 tower. When I press the button on the keyboard, the door opens halfway but the tray does not extend beyond the opening. It sits for a moment and then goes back in and the door shuts. When the door is half-open I can press it down the rest of the way, but that doesn’t help. The tray will still not extend out past the opening. Help!

  • Posted: 30 August 2010 10:54 AM #1

    Actually, I was able to resolve this on my own (after a great deal of trial and error). By pressing down on the left corner of the tray as it was attempting to extend, I was able to get the tray to fully extend. Not a perfect solution but it worked. Had nothing to do with the software, just a little hardware glitch. Thanks for responding, though!