Changewave Smartphone Survey

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    Posted: 14 July 2010 12:35 PM

    New Changewave survey

    Smart Phone Market Share

    At the individual manufacturers’ level, the survey findings show a major leap forward for Apple and HTC at the expense of RIM and Motorola.

    In terms of current share, Apple (34%) is up 1-pt since our March survey to an all-time high while RIM (34%) has taken another hit ? dropping 4-pts in the past 90 days.

    Android phones continue to have a major impact on the market, with HTC (8%; up 2-pts) and its new Droid Incredible and EVO models the biggest beneficiary. Motorola (6%), who in recent surveys had registered a wave of new demand for their Droid model, remains unchanged in the current survey.

    But it’s when we look at future buying plans that the huge moves upward for Apple and HTC become most apparent. The new Apple iPhone 4 is driving much of the industry’s growth going forward, with more than one-in-two (52%) respondents who plan to buy a smart phone in the next 90 days saying they’ll get an Apple iPhone ? an explosive 21-pt leap over our previous survey.

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    Posted: 14 July 2010 01:33 PM #1

    Circumstantial: next door neighbor who is into his iPods on PC at work (no computers at home) discussed getting with an iDon’t or an iPhone. I told him that I’d get an iPhone 4 simply because all of the iTunes toe-tappers work. We then discussed the antenna issue, duct tape and a business idea related to the iPhone since he worked with polymers over a couple of Stellas.


    Black Swan Counter: 9 (Banks need money, Jobs needs a break, Geithner has no plan, Cuomo’s grandstanding, .Gov needs a hobby, GS works for money, flash crash, is that bubbling crude?).

    For those who look, a flash allows one to see farther.