New Apple Products: What Are You Excited About

Poll: Which Apple Product Announcement are You Most Excited About?
Total Votes: 22
27-inch iMac
12-core Mac Pro
27-inch LED Cinema Display
Magic Trackpad
Battery Charger Kit
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    Posted: 27 July 2010 12:21 PM

    Apple updated the iMac and Mac Pro on Tuesday, introduced the 27-inch LED Cinema Display and Magic Trackpad, and introduced its own AA battery charger kit. What are you most excited about?

  • Posted: 27 July 2010 03:55 PM #1

    Well, in the present moment, the trackpad has me excited, though I don’t know why. It seems like it might be useful, but I’ll have to try one at the store to see. Same thing happened when I saw that Griffin PowerMate giant twist/button thing; it was really cool until I tried to use it and then it wasn’t worth the price. Might be cool to use to zoom in/out and the Hand Tool in CS and Painter instead of the keyboard.


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    Posted: 27 July 2010 09:02 PM #2

    The new iMacs. I’ve been looking forward to a product refresh on these, and will almost certainly be buying an i7 iMac to replace my 1st gen intel iMac once my job situation improves.


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    Posted: 27 July 2010 10:39 PM #3

    I like the new 21” iMac.  My desk is only so big.  The trackpad, though, is about as meh to me as the battery charger.  Battery charger??? That’s not Apple’s core competency, is it?  Odd thing to introduce.

    I noticed that the new iMacs arrived on the same day as Star Craft II, right after I noticed that all the graphics settings say “Low” of “Off” for my hardware ... oh the temptation!!

  • Posted: 01 August 2010 07:09 PM #4

    Personally I’m most excited for the Magic Trackpad… that’s primarily because I am not in the market for a new computer or display. I’ll probably break down and pick one up some time soon. I use a Mac mini connected to the HDTV and sometimes it’s a bit cumbersome operating a mouse on the couch or coffee table. A wireless multitouch trackpad is the perfect solution for that.

  • Posted: 23 August 2010 08:06 AM #5

    Magic Trackpad is the best !!!! ...