iPhotos fuzzy

  • Posted: 28 July 2010 01:17 PM

    Just tried my ‘09 iPhoto and I’m not happy. Many of the photos that looked good on my desktop are very fuzzy in iPhoto. These photos range from professional quality to good on my desktop. All are clear. Importing to iPhoto used to be that many of the photos would initially look fuzzy, but then iPhoto would automatically get them in focus. Now they stay in focus. I’ve used “enhance” and “sharpen” in the edit column—doesn’t help, still out of focus.
    I have thousands of photos and would appreciate any suggestions.

  • Posted: 02 September 2010 11:35 PM #1

    i’ve often have these problems befo e, although after a while the fuzziness seems to go away , also , did you just see them in the gallery or did you individually view them ? this might be the problem