Is anybody else using the iPhone less?

  • Posted: 04 August 2010 04:11 PM #16

    After I got my 3G iPad, I found the lack of wifi very frustrating (I was trying to use it only on wifi to see if I could do without the data plan). There were so many times when I would reach for my iPad and then be disappointed because there was no wifi. I’m in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and basically, I could only use it in my house or at McDonald’s or Starbucks, and I don’t like having to hunt for wifi signals. I’d love to be in an area where wifi is ubiquitous, but the convenience of having an always on 3G signal is great for me.

    I was using the iPad more than the iPhone until I got the iPhone 4, but that’s just because the iP4 is the shiny new toy. I love the iPad.

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  • Posted: 05 August 2010 11:22 AM #17

    I don’t own an iPhone (or any other 3G enabled phone, yet) but I have noticed a steep drop in how much I use my xbox, netflix, notebook, or tv. 

    These two quotes from Dan Frommer’s article about 100 days with an iPad really sum up now I feel about owning one.

    “I’ve used the iPad every day, most days for several hours each.”


    “After 100 days, the iPad is my favorite computer.  That’s not to say it’s my most powerful computer. Or the one I get the most work done with. Or the most portable or convenient.  But it’s the one I enjoy using the most. And I wouldn’t want to be without it.”

  • Posted: 05 August 2010 11:31 AM #18

    I use my iPhone less since I have had an iPad. They always go together due to tethering (MyWi)

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    Posted: 05 August 2010 02:00 PM #19

    My iPhone lately has been relegated to phone/SMS and bike computer.  The iPad has taken on all the web consumption.  For data entry tasks I still tend to sit at the IMac .  Ran into an interesting situation with the iPad while trying to share vacation photos with the neighbors.  My camera connection kit was enroute from China and didn’t make the vacation.  The challenge of course is a bunch of folks took picture on different devices and we want to share but no real Internet.  Edge only. The lack of the ability to file share from the Ipad limited our options ended up using the wife’s MacBook so we are not there yet.  Hopefully you can write photos back to a thumb drive in the future because the iPad is the obvious choice to show off the pics but then you need a method to get them off the iPad.  Guess I could publish via mobile me gallery but without good broadband, thumb drive is the way to go.