Suggestions for a new DD-WRT router

  • Posted: 03 August 2010 01:04 AM

    I bricked my WRT150N and don’t want to go through the hassle of un-bricking.  Any suggestions on the best replacement? 

    It will be living with a Linksys WAP54G, a old flying saucer Airport Extreme and a couple of Airport Expresses. If possible I’d like to have the new router be the traffic cop, the WAP ans Airport Extreme as APs and the Expresses dedicated to Airtunes.  All can be hardwired Cat6.  I’m not sure if the Extremes can be limited to Airtunes but I would rather not have them in the wireless equation based on there locations (basically on top of other APs)

    Given my setup any suggestions for a new main router?  Anybody have a favorite?  Any would be much appreciated!!



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