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    Boston area Apple stores now seem to have most models of the iPhone and iPad in stock. My sense is that—-with each major international rollout—-channel filling pressures will temporarily thin out US retail inventories (esp. Best Buy, RS, etc.) which will then get fleshed out in the weeks after each launch.

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    Sterne Agee analyst Vijay Rakesh in a note to investors Monday.

    “Despite all the recent commentary on (Apple) with Antenna gate the supply chain is scrambling to make more of the iPhone 4,” the analyst wrote in a note to investors.

    Rakesh said he believes that third-quarter iPhone 4 builds have recently increased to more than 10 million units, especially as the phone makes it into all of the 88 countries it is expected to be sold in by the end of September.


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    Obviously Apple is scrambling to meet demand. Store reports will provide useful information on a pick-up in domestic availability.

    The Apple online store is reports 7-10 business days on the iPad and three weeks on the iPhone 4.

    I expect heavy channel fill by the end of the quarter and as Hannibal points out above, international rollouts will have a temporary impact on domestic supply.