Apple Retail Stores And Mac Sales

  • Posted: 08 August 2010 02:08 PM

    My latest missive at Eventide.

    Snippet:This suggests Apple retail stores are selling more Macs than ever before without cannibalizing Mac sales from other distribution channels. The retail stores, as product education centers, are most likely contributing to Mac sales through all of Apple’s product sales channels.

    The importance of Apple retail stores to Mac sales extends beyond serving as direct points of purchase. The stores serve as points of purchase as well as product service and education centers.

  • Posted: 08 August 2010 04:34 PM #1

    And all that in this economy.

    Excellent summary DT.

  • Posted: 08 August 2010 11:35 PM #2

    For an interesting overview of the retail chain’s success, I recommend PED’s recent column.

  • Posted: 11 August 2010 01:16 AM #3

    I’m now researching the importance of the Apple retail stores to revenue and earnings growth. That’s a big project but an important one as the number of retail stores expands. Twenty four new stores this quarter alone…