What Do You Think of Whiteboard HD for iPad?

  • Posted: 11 August 2010 12:13 PM

    Hey guys,

    Whiteboard HD just came out for the iPad and is now one of the top productivity apps on iTunes. The Devs are working on an update with new content and functionality improvements and we?re gathering a ton of great user feedback. We?d love to know what you guys think, and answer any questions you have!

    For anyone who hasn?t picked it up, it?s also on sale until August 18th!

    Quick Description:

    Whiteboard HD. This is a full-featured interactive white board, perfect for corporate board rooms and work groups, classroom settings, training rooms for professional sports coaches, broadcasting studies and a ton of others!

    You can make freeform drawings with the drag of a finger, and easily add pre-made shapes and lines with tap, pinch, and drag multi-touch gesture controls. There are grid or lined backgrounds, and you can import any image or diagram from your iPad photo library. Labels and text boxes can even be dynamically placed, sized and oriented to complement any image!


    Whiteboard HD is also great for:
    -Easily visualizing ideas
    -Providing an ideal environment for writing notes
    -Recording brainstorming sessions
    -Creating images and sketching diagrams with pre-drawn shapes and lines
    -Adding text labels with the virtual keyboard
    -Displaying content in multiple aspect ratios through external monitors or projectors
    -Sending copies of groupwork via e-mail
    -Organizing notes, images and diagrams

    iTunes Description!

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    Let us know what you think!