OT: Article Contributions To ATPM

  • Posted: 21 August 2010 04:54 PM

    There’s a little Web-based publication called ATPM (or About This Particular Macintosh) that’s been around since the days of Apple’s eWorld online service. Through the twists and turns of Apple’s fortunes, from the near demise of Apple and the Mac, to Apple’s resurgence as the world’s leading digital device maker, ATPM has been chronicling what’s called the “personal computing experience” each and every month.

    I’ve worked with publisher Michael Tsai of SpamSieve renown and managing editor Chris Turner for many years in keeping ATPM in publication. ATPM has a lifestyle editorial focus and has thousands of loyal and regular readers.

    For months I’ve been extolling our active members to enter the blogosphere. Hesitance often comes from a lack of self-confidence in writing article-length content. I see ATPM as a testing ground for Apple enthusiasts interested in sharing an experience or an informed point of view.

    If you are interested in contributing an article to ATPM, please email or PM me. For established writers, appearing in ATPM is a means to acquaint thousands of new readers with your work.

  • Posted: 22 August 2010 02:37 PM #1

    Back to the top one last time.

    I will be unrelenting in my efforts to convince active members of the AFB to start blogs and/or find suitable avenues for publishing article-length content.

    The more insights shared by informed and knowledgeable members of the global Apple product user community the more content we have to draw on and reference in our discussions in the AFB.

    Active members of the AFB have a lot to say and it’s unfortunate to have the wealth of talent that comprises this community reveal itself only in brief snippets via forum posts.

  • Posted: 22 August 2010 02:48 PM #2

    I have a blog under development, but I won’t launch it unless I know I can commit to replenishing the content on a regular basis.  I don’t have to tell you Robert that it takes time to write a feature article.  I already write for a auto industry publication, so it’s not like I’m swinging back and fro in my hammock, nursing a Mai Tai. 

    It’s lack of time.  And I’m not sure of the motivation:  Monetizing a blog is not the best opportunity out there.

  • Posted: 22 August 2010 03:03 PM #3

    Mercel - 22 August 2010 05:48 PM

    Monetizing a blog is not the best opportunity out there.

    Monetization is not my motivation. Adding to the body of information that’s available is my motivation for urging active members to blog or otherwise publish their insights.

    There’s alack of good information available concerning AAPL and the company’s finances. Sharing insights benefits all Apple enthusiasts and shareholders.