The Nano Watch

  • Posted: 22 January 2011 12:53 AM #31

    Gruber today wrote that the popularity of a wearable computer such as the nano watch is inevitable.

    I agree, and Ives will design a stunner.  Only question is: 2011 ot 2012?

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    macorange - 22 January 2011 04:53 AM

    Gruber today wrote that the popularity of a wearable computer such as the nano watch is inevitable.

    I agree, and Ives will design a stunner.  Only question is: 2011 ot 2012?

    Sept 2011. 

    Jony Ive is probably well past the conceptual stage and in final design that brings together the following:  iPod/Watch/Bluetooth earphones/Liquid Metal Jewelry.

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    FalKirk - 17 November 2010 03:54 PM

    Griffin announces iPod nano Slap wristband.

    Griffin laid an egg with these designs.

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    Posted: 22 January 2011 06:43 AM #34

    Do we want to charge the watch everyday?


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    Mace - 22 January 2011 10:43 AM

    Do we want to charge the watch everyday?

    Maybe Apple can make it self-winding (from body motion) like some clockwork watches. And maybe it won’t need to be if it only lights up when someone might be looking.

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    Mace - 22 January 2011 10:43 AM

    Do we want to charge the watch everyday?

    I read quite a while ago that the kids weren’t wearing watches because they used their phones/iPods to check the time.  I gave it a whirl and rarely wear one myself these days.  Regarding the charging issue, it seems to me that it’s more a question of convenient charging given that you probably don’t wear it while sleeping anyway.  On a somewhat related issue I’m submitting my pick of the day. smile  I’ve bought a couple of these to replace clock-radios and no longer have to keep track of charging my iPhone.  They travel nicely too.  Sound is just okay.  No affiliation etc.

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    Posted: 22 January 2011 09:43 AM #37

    I’ve found that the iPod Nano when worn as a watch gives me up to a week on a charge. If the pedometer is on or music is added to the mix then yes, it’s a daily charge cycle. A solar generator under the screen or motion charging system would extend the cycle.

    Last month I supported this Kickstarter project by Minimal design to produce two wriststraps for the iPod Nano. One clips in, on the other you encase it with aluminum. Expecting to see the products this week.  If you search Kickstarter for ‘nano’ there are a couple wristband projects what were not successfully funded. Here’s one that didn’t rake in as much support as the stuff from Minimal, but still cool. The Minimal folks are looking to produce a bluetooth transmitter for the NanoWatch. The adapter will include a light so you can be seen while running. Gets us closer to the idea at the beginning of this Intel UMPC vision video.

    The iPod Nano 6G was cracked to allow deletion of an app, and revealed placeholders for movies, games and calendar. It has a countdown timer already but I’d love an alarm clock and to pop up alarms for scheduled events.  It would be fun if the watchface tracked sunrise/set in the selected timezone and switched from white to black background accordingly. Next version will need a small speaker and a vibration motor - many watches have these already for regular and ‘silent’ alarms. If they built in a bluetooth transmitter, the iWatch could stream stereo to headphones and relay alerts from a paired iPhone (“incoming call - tap screen twice to answer” then streamed to headphones). Exciting times.


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  • Posted: 06 March 2011 09:45 AM #38

    Michael Gartenberg is confident the Nano Watch is coming:

    So am I.  This September or next.  Designed by Ive to look as great on your wrist as it is functional.

  • Posted: 19 May 2011 12:00 AM #39

    Best watchband for the Nano I’ve seen yet.  Hope these guys raise the remaining funds:

  • Posted: 18 October 2011 10:31 AM #40

    Siri and iCloud have greatly increased the potential value proposition of a Nano Watch.

    Assume that Siri is launched simply by bringing the watch near your mouth.  Now when you are driving, instead of fumbling for the phone in your pocket, you just bring your wrist to your mouth and ask “what is my next appointment?” or “what is the traffic like ahead? ”

    And with iCloud, if you quickly say to your watch ” schedule a noon lunch with my son” , the appointment will appear on all of your iDevices.

    Before Siri, a Nano Watch faced severe input limitations due to the size of the screen relative to finger size.  Siri changes that equation dramatically.

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    Posted: 18 October 2011 02:20 PM #41

    Motorola just introduced a Nano knockoff.
    November 6th—$249 8GB and 16GB $299

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    Posted: 18 October 2011 04:26 PM #42

    Macorange - Interesting thought.  Bought a nano engraved with “Steve Jobs 1955-2011” for remembrance.

    Drew - Wow, nano is so popular?


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  • Posted: 19 December 2011 10:15 AM #43

    NYTimes reporting today that the Nano Watch is getting closer:

    What makes this article interesting is not the report that Apple has a group working on this (Apple must have groups exploring hundreds of ideas, most of which will never be commercialized), but the reporter’s understanding of how a wrtist based interface to the smartphone in your pocket is a logical and valuable next evolution of consumer electronics.

    If Jobs was still running Apple, I would estimate a 2013 launch, because he would have to go through 100 iterations before approving one.  Perhaps Apple under Cook will launch one for Xmas 2012?

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    Posted: 19 December 2011 10:47 AM #44

    I guess sometime in the near future, we’ll finally get to have that Dick Tracy watch we’ve always wanted.

  • Posted: 20 December 2011 06:42 PM #45

    Folkss who sent in their 2nd gen iPod Nanos under the battery-may-burst-into-flames program report they are being replaced with current generation nanos. I’m now more eagerly awaiting my replacement, although wishing it had bluetooth.