AAPL Target Price: $450 Per Share

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    Mav - 30 September 2010 04:54 AM

    Great, high-quality data and analysis to discuss on the way.  smile

    I’m not one for the spreadsheets and line-by-line analysis (I prefer back-of-the-napkin/macro/trend analysis), so all of the AFB analysts’ contributions are greatly appreciated.

    Considering Apple’s current pace of growth, all analysis has the feel of back of the envelope stuff.  LOL

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    DawnTreader - 26 September 2010 12:20 AM

    AAPL Target Price: $450 Per Share

    My latest missive at Eventide.

    Snippet: In evaluating and forecasting Apple one must look beyond the individual product lines and look at the performance of the company as a whole. In fiscal year 2011 Apple may have a second consecutive year of 50% revenue growth and 60%+ growth in earnings per share.

    The numbers support it. I won’t deny it. We’ll see how quickly the pros revise their projections for AAPL to match the revenue, earnings and share price appreciation potential the active members of the AFB discuss everyday.

    The original topic post to the new page of discussions one last time.  grin