AAPL over $1000 - How?

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    Posted: 16 October 2010 04:03 AM #31

    pats - 15 October 2010 01:40 PM
    JonathanU - 15 October 2010 01:06 PM

    ... As an aside, do we have a thread open somewhere which contains some predictions of future products which AAPL might turn their attention to?

    ... Can we grow Apple TV into a multi-billion dollar business by then?  Two new areas worth watching.  Mobile Ads which Goggle just highlighted as a billion dollar business, and Apple TV.  The majority of people spend $50-100 for the privilege of watching a bunch of ads and some programming.  The areas I’m watching.  Electronic book, magazines, newspapers & textbooks.  Use of iDevices in the medical field.  Farther out, Cloud Computing, Smart Grid & Auto.


    We use to do that.  In recent years, we got distracted by options trading and economic conditions.  So far, Apple has monetized software through hardware.  Would Apple eventually monetize software directly?  In addition to what pats’ suggestion, I would like to see a PDA/gaming system (current iPod nano is still not there) that can be wore like a watch.  This device needs to last a month before recharging.


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