Every mail attachment will be opened on Desktop

  • Posted: 01 November 2010 10:08 AM

    How NOT to have every mail attachment (eg.PDF file) to be opened with AdboeReader, AND also leave a copy on the desktop?
    That’s very ‘uncomfortable’ (stupid?). If the user opens the attachment once again, that will place another desktop copy with a new name like this: doc.pdf, doc-1.pdf, etc.

    I thought it’s a problem with Thunderbird, but I was told the Apple mail does it also. Is there a setting to direct that copy to a scratch folder or similar. That would it make easier to delete those copies. On the desktop they have to be selected individually not to erase required files.

    I don’t know that behavior with WINxp or Linux/Ubuntu wink

    Where to find the “switch”?

    OSX 10.5

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    Posted: 01 November 2010 06:20 PM #1

    Opening a PDF with ____ :

    Pick any PDF which is not in a Mail program.  Click on that file once.  It is now selected.  Go to the FILE menu and select GET INFO.  (Or,... right-click on the file and choose GET INFO.)  The INFO window opens.  Change the “open with” to another program, probably PREVIEW.  Then choose CHANGE ALL.

  • Posted: 01 November 2010 08:03 PM #2


    Think your recommendation goes into the wrong direction. All about it is with “open” (say “View” the attachment), it’s NOT with downloading/storing to the local disc, and it’s not about opening a PDF with a specific program.

    I found the following:
    Thunderbird (and maybe Apple Mail is the same??) has a preset for Save as .. attachments to a user selected directory. That directory is also used when the user selects “Open” the attachment just for viewing.
    So if that selection is set to “Desktop”, opening/viewing swamps it with all the open attachments/files. Choosing the “Downloads” instead of “Desktop” as the “Save as” location has the advantage to have a clean Desktop and all files (Opened and Saved as) at one place.

    The difference with Ubuntu is, that uses a “tmp” folder which is cleared automatically with “Restart/Reboot”.
    Does OSX have an “tmp” folder with that automatic deleting also?