AAPL Intraday Updates (Archive)

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    Posted: 13 November 2010 02:15 AM #196

    It ws infuringating, another “breaking news” flash, like with the margins thing, about something that happened some time ago. Of course they don’t allow for the fact that it could be end-of-year profit-taking and that he could jump right back in, or temper it with the fact that the average target is like 370.

    mbeauch - 13 November 2010 05:41 AM
    Eric Landstrom - 13 November 2010 05:15 AM

    Ken is a whale. Both CNBC and Bloomberg stated today that AAPL was getting sold because news hit today that Ken sold.

    I get that Eric, Reuters also ran it. That is exactly what I am talking about, misleading media. What significance does it have that he sold? It was not yesterday. Completely misleading. Many people just look at the headlines and don’t read the substance. the way I look at it s that he made a big mistake selling. Kind of makes you wonder if it was not him that had them rerun the story so he could get back in. He did not own enough shares at his high point to matter. My largest mutual fund owns 6 million shares of AAPL, now that would be news. Before today, he was at least $40 in the hole on AAPL.

    I am going to have my anger issues once in a while. I know going in that the game is fixed, I just hate it when they rub my nose in it. My outlook going forward has not changed. The only way to get people back to work is for the market to expand.


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