iPhone Software Crash from Battery Problem

  • Posted: 13 November 2010 12:06 PM

    Just last week I flew to Las Vegas for a wedding. Two days before the wedding, my 3GS started to act up to the point where it was not useable. I noticed that when using an application while listening to music through the audio player, it would crash. The crash was in the form of an alert proving that I did not have any power in the battery left when there was still a decent charge. The only that I could find to stop the crashing would be to plug the phone into wall power.
    I paid a visit to my local Boston Mac store, and he told me that I ran out of RAM.  The tech then said I had run out of memory, and that a reinstall would do wonders.
    After reinstall, my phone was still crashing. I then went back to the Genius bar and had him reinstall it for me. He now told me that the Mail.App was causing the crash.
    I left with a newly formatted 3GS, hoping that this would resolve my problems before the trip.
    While I was driving home, the phone crashed again!
    I plugged phone in to call to set up another appointment to have my phone looked at.

    My final trip was to the New Hampshire Mac store, which was not very crowded. The one Genius tech behind the table sat down to look at my phone, and made his iPod Touch crash while he was checking me in. After a 5 minute restart, he realized that he had to exchange my phone as he just proved that their IOS software was busted when he crashed his touch.

    My refurb phone is working great, and I am not having any problems with it now. The phone even survived my first trip to vegas!