The MacLife forums shut down today.

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    Posted: 17 November 2010 02:58 AM

    Controversy !  Dripping Sarcasm !

    Due to spam out of control, the moderators went on strike at MacLife Forums.  They allowed spam to enter the forums.  This was after a few years of requests to MacLife magazine (Future something or other) management to allow the volunteer moderators more access to servers.  Management essentially never replied.

    Last week, the management announced the forums would shut down in a few days (today).

    The cannons were unleashed by the active forum members.  Even some in retirement returned.  Most heaped sarcasm on the management.  A few were nostalgic.

    All active members of the forum who weren’t already registered at were encouraged to do so.

    The magazine editors rarely participated in the forums.  Finally the management gave the excuse that resources were short.  What a croc.  One of the forum members ran his own forum on an iMac G3. 

    A Mac magazine doesn’t know how to run a forum.  How quaint.

    To be blunt, the reputation of the magazine is in the toilet as far as the most active forum members are concerned.

    Posting for the sake of posterity,

    Cheers from me,

    Tetrachloride, nearly a 10 year member of the MacAddict/MacLife forums.

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    Posted: 17 November 2010 11:01 AM #1

    :: edited by self ::

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    Posted: 22 November 2010 12:19 PM #2

    “Max” avatars , also known as “smilies”. 

    p.s.  The Forums did shut down after some “sore loser” “humor” by someone at the MacLife magazine.