Home Page Changes

  • Posted: 20 November 2010 09:50 AM


    I was surprised to see the changes to the TMO home page.  Mostly, it is my issue of “who moved my cheese” but I have a request, please consider going back to the former format where you did not lead with 3 stories and add pictures.

    Personally, I prefer seeing the list of stories and being able to choose what I read, that was what made TMO different and better than other sites. My issue with the change is now the home page loads up and I have to scroll down through the 3 stories you are leading with in order to get to what I want.

    In the long run, it’s not that hard to scroll down; however, my point is, let the readers choose what is relevant to them and return to the simple list of stories without the 3 lead in stories. 

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Posted: 01 December 2010 09:29 PM #1

    I totally agree.
    I’ve given it a chance, but I am missing more important stuff because the Deal Brothers deal sometimes gets in my way. Also, I do view this site while at work, and a listing without pictures is best to look like I’m actually doing something productive. Which, I usually am.. unless I am interrupted by DealBrothers deals.

  • Posted: 08 December 2010 01:04 PM #2

    I agree. The new layout is way too hard to scan the days headlines since the big three expanded news items push everything down forcing me to scroll.

    Kind of makes the ‘collapse’ pup up menu pointless since it doesn’t control the top three news items.

    Wouldn’t mind being able to hide the top horizontal scrolling blobs either.

  • Posted: 08 December 2010 02:22 PM #3

    I urge you to voice your opinions directly to TMO: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) . I did and DH replied with a kind message that most people like the new layout. I suspect these are the same people that like glossy displays and other shiny objects. But that’s besides the point.
    There used to be an option to turn all of the images off (Collapse- even the top 3), so everyone could be satisfied. I don’t know why that changed, but it would be nice to just have that option again.