Anyone brave enough to venture into an Apple Store today ?  If so,  please report !

  • Posted: 26 November 2010 03:57 PM

    I think we may try and hit the mall later this afternoon so I’ll try to update with a Apple store experience .

    Happy After T Day to all.

  • Posted: 26 November 2010 04:19 PM #1

    I just came back from the Apple store in the Christiana Mall in Delaware. I’m tight on time, so here’s a quick synopsis. There was a line of about 20 people outside the store. It move very, very quickly. My sales rep was very courteous, took his time and even helped me to complete the on-line rebate. Acted as if there were no time pressure at all. An amazing experience.

    I’m out the door. I’ll report more later.

  • Posted: 26 November 2010 04:48 PM #2

    Apple Store in Bellevue now mobbed at noon (not so much at 9am).  iPod Touch and iPads are the big sellers.  Modest sales discounts for BF, as is Apple’s tradition.  If you are selling things people want, store bribes (i.e. discounts) are unnecessary.

    Checkout is FAST—Apple’s iPod Touch POS devices are amazing at customer turnover.  As SJ might say:  You want this Sir?  BOOM!  Thank you very much for shopping at the Apple Store.

    No Steve Jobs dolls were noted inside.  LOL

  • Posted: 26 November 2010 05:34 PM #3

    At the Mall of America.  Saw 7 systems leave in about 10 minutes.  Microsoft store also jammed but didn’t see anything sold.


    I don’t mind being wrong…,I just hate being wrong so FAST!

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    Posted: 26 November 2010 06:48 PM #4

    Went to the OakBrook, IL store today. A fairly new MS store is in the same mall. This is an outdoor Mall outside of Chicago. Cold out (about 25F) but the Apple store was packed and lots of stuff going out the door. Going to the MS store afterwards was an interesting comparison. The MS store is larger and just felt dead and was pretty empty. Not good on Black Friday. It’s tucked away in a corner that doesn’t get the foot traffic that it needs (very easy to bypass it - stupid placement on their part). They had a 3 deals they were promoting - cheaper Netbook of some sort and a $150 card if you bought something big and something else (didn’t look at it too closely). One thing I noticed was that they were handing out their specials on a flyer on card stock that had been perforated and torn apart. Apple was promoting way more items and they’re on a nice printed piece. It’s all part of what sets Apple apart. I’m sure that they think that no one would ever notice. There was an air of excitement at the Apple store and pretty much every piece on display had someone using it. We purchased our 4th iPad (gave 2 as bday presents yesterday, My 75yr. old Mom was thrilled to get one) so I’ve done my duty. Have a new iMac to buy before Xmas and that’s it!

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    Posted: 26 November 2010 07:05 PM #5

    Milwaukee area (probably the Bayshore store)

    Stores are providing incentives to buy the mundane…

    ?I just bought a scarf,? said one shopper.

    ?to the mesmerizing.

    ?The IPad is a huge adult gift to give,? said Christine McLaughlin of Mequon.

    The mother of three says it’s all about the electronics this year. The IPad is the hot item for the adults.

    And her kids are clamoring for?

    ?The Kindle is really big. The Kinect, which is the new XBOX, is really big. And always, always the IPod,? she said with a smile.

    But the IPod isn’t just for kids, just ask Denise Nissen, of Green Bay, who waited in line for an IPod Touch Thursday night.

    “The line went around the entire building,? she said. ?We were one of those folks in the cold.?

  • Posted: 26 November 2010 10:07 PM #6

    Apple Store The Westchester in White Plains, NY. No line outside the store around 7:15 pm, but well-filled and very busy on the inside. All iPad tables filled; children playing games while their parents watched, other people experimenting with apps. The MacBook Airs are ridiculously thin and rigid; just beautiful - these are the future of laptops. I had my iPad in it’s case with me, and the 13” Air folded up felt about the same as the iPad.

    I smiled a lot, walking around and seeing all of this.

  • Posted: 26 November 2010 11:14 PM #7

    Finally made it to the apple store in Sherman oaks , typing this on one of the iPads .  It’s 7pm and the mall looked pretty quiet ... Until we reached the apple store : ).

    Tables are packed and the place is buzzing.  On another note , I ordered a iPad using the old fashioned phone number while eating dinner earlier , person that took my order told me that their computers crashed earlier due to the traffic ! 

    Another record breaking monster quarter about to be served up !

  • Posted: 26 November 2010 11:29 PM #8

    I spoke with the salesperson who sold us my wife’s new iMac and asked if he had been there last year.  He said he’d been there for the last five.  I asked if it had been a LOT busier than last year.  He replied “not a LOT but quite a bit busier”.  I asked if he really thought they needed to have the portable aisle system up as people seemed reluctant to enter it and approach the sales table.  He responded that they probably didn’t need it then but they couldn’t have managed without it when they were “crazy busy” earlier.  And I thought they were crazy busy when I was there.

    Anecdotally I don’t recall ever seeing the Mall of America quite so busy nor so many carrying packages.  Based on what I saw today I wouldn’t pretend to say that the economic pain is behind us but I would say that people don’t seem willing to let it drive their buying behavior this holiday season.  My guess is that far more of those “intent to purchase” sales will take place than in years gone by.


    I don’t mind being wrong…,I just hate being wrong so FAST!