Tron IAd for iPad

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    Posted: 14 December 2010 05:52 PM

    The first iAd for the iPad is out: for the Tron Legacy movie by Disney opening this week.  While the movie plot appears stale to me the action scenes are great (I loved the original movie).

    You can see it if you have or download the TV guide app, there is a banner at the top (rather minimal) which when you click it gives you choices to play trailers, and explore other stuff for the movie.

    I can see how this type of premier ad could actually be something people would seek out (like I did after hearing about it). 

    I am curious if Apple can pull the iAd thing off: seems like it is quite labor intensive and slow process and platform dependent but who knows….

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    Posted: 14 December 2010 06:43 PM #1

    Watch it HERE:->


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