iPhone Can Still Beat Android in Smartphone Market Share

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    Posted: 20 December 2010 06:48 PM #16

    Bosco (Brad Hutchings) - 20 December 2010 10:28 PM

    Classy Chas. I reported your post to the moderator. Name call all you like, but pictures of your underage animal sex partners are over the line.

    Let me give you a hint. If it is you or Chas, who would the forum choose. Well I for one would love to see Chas shove that corncob up your A$$, then make you eat it. You can report me also moron. To think you would say you reported him to the moderator, then make that accusation is hysterical.  Everyone here knows you just pop in to stir up trouble. Time to go. :-x


    Adversity does not just build character, it reveals it.

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    Posted: 20 December 2010 06:54 PM #17

    Merry Christmas mbeauch. Maybe Santa will bring you a sense of humor?

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