Advice before I buy my iMac tomorrow

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    Posted: 23 December 2010 08:57 PM #31

    BillH - 23 December 2010 07:39 PM
    BurmaYank - 23 December 2010 05:34 PM
    BillH - 22 December 2010 09:06 PM

    Hp’s software has been crap for me and many others through the years.  I’m wired aio cannon here and wireless aio cannon at the cabin.  They work great and are highly recommended.

    My wireless hp L7590 OfficeJet Pro, of all my many AIO’s, fax/printers & printers over the decades (3 Lexmarks, 3-4 Epsons, numerous Brothers, 1 Canon, 1 or 2 Kodaks, another simple hp, 2 Apple ImageWriter IIs & a StyleWriter, etc.), is by far the most reliable, fast, versatile & accurate and well-built.  HP always provided very responsive & knowledgable support.  Yes, twice their driver updates were quite late following Mac OSX upgrades, but those driver updates eventually were good.

    “Only twice?  Doesn’t fit my recollection of the struggles with my extended families machines…  My earliest recollection of their nasty habits was when we bought a bunch of new PC’s for the office and switched to NT.”

    I wouldn’t know about any problems HP printers have had with Win PCs.  The problems I had with them on my Macs were minimal and not as bad as with some of my other non-HP printers, and those HP problems were all related to out-of-date Mac printer drivers; subsequently all well-resolved.  Again, HP always provided very responsive & knowledgable support.

    I wonder if perhaps the reason my hp L7590 OfficeJet Pro AIO seems to have worked so much better than your hp’s (or my other printers, for that matter) might be because the model I bought is from a more expensive product echelon than the models you dealt with; mine is designed for professional/office use instead of for primarily home consumer use (although mine only cost me $175 on a special discontinued-model sale).

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    Posted: 23 December 2010 11:22 PM #32

    I have an HP Photosmart All-in-one wireless. There are 4 computers with 3 different OS working just fine. In two days that number will go to 6. :-D Almost forgot that I can print from my iphone to the printer.


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    JRay - 22 December 2010 06:57 PM

    Looks like I will be purchasing my iMac tomorrow. Just wanted to throw a couple of questions out to the board to get your thoughts/advice before I pull the trigger. Being my first Apple computer, I’m going in a little blind.

    1) Screen size - Thoughts on whether the 27” is worth the money? It seems the 22” is plenty big enough. But Damn It when they put it next to the 27”??. I know you get a bigger HD and it?s a little faster, but I doubt I will notice that, so I’d basically be buying for the larger screen. Anyone have any regrets after getting the 22 or notice any clear advantages of the 27?

    2) Printer - Want a wireless that does a good job with photos and also scans/copies. There are a ton of different HP models out there that fit the bill. Little nervous about the $100 ones though. Seems like quality could be an issue at that price point?

    3) Getting iWork with it. Anything else I should buy at the time of purchase? I guess I will get handbrake at some point.

    4) Magic Trackpad?

    Any other advice appreciated.


    I’ve held off until now on my recommendations. The way I look at my Macs is that I’ll be using each of them for a while (usually at least three years), often four. My laptop (still working and used frequently by family members) is a circa 2002 TiBook).

    I recommend buying all of the Mac one can afford and buy the most RAM one can afford at time of purchase.

    I uses iWork extensively and share iWork files between my Mac and iPad.

    I just purchased the Magic Trackpad but haven’t installed it yet. I’m looking forward to using it.

    Consider the costs of AppleCare into the total expense scenario. It’s well worth the cost and provides for peace of mind.

    Congratulations on a smart purchase decision.  grin