The CC, estimates are pretty much pegged, what about guidence

  • Posted: 13 January 2011 08:27 PM

    First of all a big thank you and job well done to all of those that have submitted estimates for next weeks earnings.  I am in hopes that some day I am skilled enough to contribute something at least semi accurate.
    With that being said I was hoping to start a conversation regarding how people think apple will guide for Q2.  As we all know, this historically has had a larger impact on the shorter term price of apple than the actual numbers reported.  I bring this up mainly due to the recent announcement of the iPhone being available on verizon starting the first week Or so of February.  I am under the impression ( for no really good reason ) that this will cause apple to guide higher than what ws is expecting ( I don’t think they will run the numbers in time ).  That fact, in addition to the possibility of the ipad 2 being available in March, I am expecting strong guidance from apple although I have no solid basis for my expectations….  Only speculation.

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    Posted: 13 January 2011 08:36 PM #1

    Apple will guide conservatively and yet it will be higher than the Street will expect. Then they will beat it by 18% in April’s report.

    The impact of the Veriphone, rollout of CDMA in Asia, Ipad 2 and continuing encroachment into the Enterprise market can be forecast by Apple’s internal pros with strong conviction, but they won’t tell us all the secrets.

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