iPad 2 + iPhone 5 + AppleTV 2

  • Posted: 14 January 2011 08:16 PM


    Time to buy qualcomm shares?

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    Thanks for posting..  Yes - it looks like it’s time for qualcomm


    The only way to change the perception, is to change the reality.

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    Denny, you picked an interesting time to pop out of the rabbit hole. Welcome to AFB!

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    I think Qualcomm can win a bunch of sockets but I think intel/infineon will still be the baseband provider for iPhone 5 gsm while Apple gets their feet wet with Qualcomm in the CDMA iPhone and iPad 2.  That will provide a nice competition for IPad/iPhone LTE between Intel and Qualcomm and get Apple the best value in next gen baseband for iPhone 6.

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    iPad 2 Likely to Have 2048x1536 Screen Resolution

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    I’d believe it when I see it.  If it DOES end up being a Retina Display-kinda thing, the competition is toast.  Forever.  You can’t win against a screen so eye-wateringly crisp.

    I find a double-pixel display more likely - and feasible - than some 2048x1536 awesomeness.  (Double-pixel would be more like 1400x1050.)  I’m not sure that ANY developer, even in the desktop space, has ever dreamed of an app that NATIVELY takes up 2048x1536.  Gaming at that resolution?  Just forget about it!  Throw in an NVIDIA or ATI laptop-class vid card somehow with the A5 - it still won’t matter!

    My call is on a double-pixel display instead of double resolution.  Not as clean math-wise, but easier to deal with, lower power requirements, and developers get more headroom than they know what to do with until next year.  1400x1050 or so is already better than many laptops.  At this point, if it would be done, perhaps AAPL can find a way to ship iPad 2 with laptop-class graphics rather than an SGX 543-or-something, unless the A5 can help carry the graphics load as well.

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