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    Posted: 28 January 2011 07:43 PM #196

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    placed a BTO order for some May 345 contracts at 19.00.  Came back and was surprised to see they triggered.  Hoping this Egypt issue has some steps taken to resolution over the weekend…..

    Is Egypt that big of an issue? Such a small country..not news worthy IMO(maybe I’m a bit harsh)..

    Egypt is an extremely important ally for the US and the worry is that the whole Middle East will go up in flames. And that means problems for Israel and problems with oil and al Quaeda for the US.

    Well I think that’s an unrealistic, hysterical analysis. This is a democratic protest, not 1979 Iran.

    Egypt is an ally, does control the Suez canal, and instability could affect oil prices. But a democratic protest isn’t Saddam invading Kuwait and torching the oil fields, or the Taliban taking over Afghanistan. Let’s not act like the rest of the breathless media ninnies. This is overblown, just like the PIIGS crisis, because crowds and tear gas make for good B-roll.

    Next week, the VIX will be lower and we’ll be talking about something else.

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