Is Apple Going to Ship the iPhone mini?

Poll: Is Apple Going to Ship the iPhone mini?
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No way. It’s just a rumor, and isn’t being built.
Apple probably has one in its labs, but it won’t ever ship.
The iPhone mini is on the way!
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    Posted: 17 February 2011 11:38 AM

    Rumors that Apple is planning on shipping a second and smaller iPhone model—the iPhone mini, or the iPhone nano—are flying around the Internet yet again. Do you think Apple really is working on the fabled iPhone mini, and will it actually ship?

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    Posted: 17 February 2011 12:57 PM #1

    It just seems to be the most practical route for Apple to take, following the line of the iPod. An iPhone for enough price points which meets the needs of the most people possible would more likely secure Apple presence and dominance in the mobile communications world. The iPhone, the iPad and an iPad air would be a killer platform set. Integration is Apple’s wild card all other developers envy. I suspect Apple has a plan that with tweaks and ideas yet aired will keep us all amazed.


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  • Posted: 17 February 2011 01:50 PM #2

    I think an iPhone mini would be pointless unless it came without a mandatory data plan. If it had the same dataplan as the big iPhone you’d still be paying a ton of money each month for something less capable. Make it pay-as-you-go or WiFi only (iPod Touch that makes calls) and then you’ve got something. The cell carriers drive to make us all think we need smart phones so they can charge us 300% more per month than a dumb phone is sickening.


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    Posted: 17 February 2011 01:54 PM #3

    I would buy a Mini on the spot, especially if it didn’t have a built-in data plan and but especially because it would look frak’n awesome!


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    Posted: 19 February 2011 11:18 AM #4

    An iPhone mini would be a perfect mate for an iPad. Also, I would like a smaller phone to cart around with me on short trips out of the house when I know I won’t be dawdling around on the phone. Minimal web-based search and locator functions would be all I’d need beside the telephone part



  • Posted: 23 February 2011 03:07 PM #5

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple has toyed with the idea but I doubt it’s going to appear as a real product. I really don’t think size or weight is an issue with the iPhone so there would be very little benefit to making it smaller. On the flip side a smaller screen would make typing nearly impossible and might require developers to create yet another graphic mode for their apps, tailored to be usable on a smaller screen, much like they had to create an alternate interface to scale better to the iPad screen.

    The area where Apple needs (or needed!) to make progress is price, and they have done that by continuing to offer the iPhone 3GS for only $49. At that price point anyone can afford the cost of entry. The real cost is the monthly service, which brings up the next point…

    As others have said, I could see an appeal to offering a version that has a data-only plan without contract, just like the iPad offers. However I don’t think this would be marketed as an iPhone mini/nano/lite, but rather as iPod touch with 3G. It would probably cost an extra $50-$100 over the standard model.

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    Posted: 01 March 2011 01:40 PM #6

    If Apple does go for an iPhone mini, it’ll only be because people want an iPhone that’s physically smaller, not because of the price.

    When I bought my wife an iPhone, it didn’t cost anything. It was 2009’s previous model, the 8GB 3G, normally $50. Got a refurb’d one for free. So if you want an iPhone and don’t want to pay anything (except for the contract of course!), you can do so already.

    Bonus with two phones, I can get a new one every year. So in 2010, I got an iPhone 4 and gave her my 3GS. This year her contract will be up, so we can buy the iPhone 5 on hers, and she’ll get my iPhone 4.