Are You Buying a New MacBook Pro?

Poll: Are You Buying a New MacBook Pro?
Total Votes: 32
Yes, I’m buying mine right away.
Yes, but I’m waiting until Lion ships.
No, the new features aren’t compelling enough.
No, I’m saving up for an iPad 2.
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    Posted: 24 February 2011 11:31 AM

    Apple introduced new MacBook Pro models on Thursday. Are you ready to upgrade?

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    Posted: 24 February 2011 11:46 AM #1

    They look good, I like the features, Thunderbolt is great and will only get better with time and I’d love to get back to a 15” screen.
    We are planning on getting an iPad2 this year.
    My ‘08 MacBook is really working very well.
    I’ve not encountered anything that needed much more processor power than I have.

    So…<sigh> I think I’ll wait.


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  • Posted: 24 February 2011 12:06 PM #2

    Sorry for the “me too” post (like some brain dead AOLer…) but my 2 year old 15” Core2Duo is duo-ing just fine. My chancellor of the Exchequer is interested in an iPad, and tells me that my MacBook Pro is the last computer I’m getting for quite some time. I can’t argue, it still works really well.

    I’m use it a lot too. Like the Laptop Hunter, I “cut video”, I use MacPorts to compile tools like FFMPEG, I use XCode for C++ and Objective-C coding, I use Eclipse for PHP and web development. I use Photoshop on images huge and tiny.

    But my trusty MacBook Pro handles all of that just fine.

    Wait, there is one thing. It doesn’t edit HD video well (without down sampling it first.) SO, I need to get a fancy HiDef Camcorder and show the Chancellor the HD quality I could get if I had a better machine… Alas, I don’t really have the need :(

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    Posted: 24 February 2011 12:10 PM #3

    I voted on saving up for the new iPad.

    My wife and I bought 15” MacBook Pros last year, we don’t plan on replacing them within the next few years.


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    Posted: 24 February 2011 01:45 PM #4

    My desktop is much older than my laptop (mid 2006 iMac vs early 2008 MacBook), so I’m waiting for Lion and to see if they refresh the desktops too.  Though I might get tired of low settings for Star Craft II before then ?

    Also, I really want to see what people do with Thunderbolt.  If it becomes a huge success we might see more thunderbolt ports on the machine, which would be preferable if that’s where we’re going.

  • Posted: 24 February 2011 09:38 PM #5

    I’m glad to see Thunderbolt (Lightpeak).  However I’d need to see an ESATA to Thunderbolt Adapter available.

    I’d manditorially need to have a reasonably priced way to have a glare-free (matte) display system (screen/glass).

    I’d wait to make sure that the new Mac worked well and fully with Lion OS (although why wouldn’t it).

    Sorry to not see an Express PCI port versus SD port (but wasn’t expecting it).  And, if I remember correctly, Thunderbolt could eventually handle all these former needs and it allows for “daisy-chaining” as well.

    If not for the above issues (which are tough to surmount), I would advise six people to immediately buy one and myself as well.  Oh, well.  My current matte MBP is holding up OK.  So, not for me.

  • Posted: 24 February 2011 09:43 PM #6

    PSMacintosh - 25 February 2011 01:38 AM

    I’d wait to make sure that the new Mac worked well and fully with Lion OS (although why wouldn’t it).

    To clarify, I’d wait to make sure that new Lion OS came with the Mac purchase or that free upgrade was guaranteed.  Why buy the Mac without the new SW.

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    Posted: 25 February 2011 04:31 AM #7

    I currently have the Early 2008 15” MBP and I do love it and it still works great, but I definitely need something a bit more portable. I’ve been waiting for the 13” to receive a processor upgrade and it finally did. I will be getting it during the Apple back to school sale.

  • Posted: 25 February 2011 12:05 PM #8

    I currently have a last-gen core2 duo 17"MBP purchased in NOV/DEC 2009; however it’s kitted out with 8GB RAM and a 500 GB SSD drive. Very responsive - no app bounces more than once before snapping open. Currently does what I need.

    The quad-core features of the i7 chip are compelling enough for me to upgrade once Lion ships, in that my current beast will be approaching 2y/o (middle age in human years), and the added speed will be helpful for all the data analysis I have to run in Stata with very large data sets. Speed is always the critical factor, both in the analysis and graphics plotting/rendering.

    I would have welcomed a doubling in the amount of supported RAM, but 8 GB is adequate.



  • Posted: 25 February 2011 12:09 PM #9

    I should add, I think the Thunderbolt (LightPeak) feature is major, and risks being undervalued at present.



  • Posted: 25 February 2011 05:12 PM #10

    It’s not my time to buy, but I think it’s a very appealing update. I’m excited to see where third-party peripheral makers go with Thunderbolt.

  • Posted: 12 April 2011 05:21 PM #11

    I realise this thread is long cold, and beset with rigour mortis, however I thought I would add an update.

    Although I stated that I would wait for Lion, I had to spend against a grant or lose the money by last week, so sprung a few months early for a MBP update. I got a 17” MBP i7 2.3 GHz quad core with 8 GB RAM and a 500GB SSD.

    Very fast. Runs just a tad hotter than the older 17” core 2 duo (also with 500 GB SSD), looking at iStat Menus readout, perhaps by 6 - 10?K (currently averaging around 345K, whereas the older one ran at around 338 - 340K). Not bad, considering the extra horsepower.

    All in all, very pleased with the purchase. My only complaint; I wish there were a Thunderbolt enabled Migration Assistant cable to speed data transfer, which took about 3 hours for about 300+GB of data using a Firewire 800 cable.



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    Posted: 26 May 2011 11:38 AM #12

    For the record: I really did buy a new MacBook Pro, 15-inch Core i7. It’s fantastic.