OS X Server & Lion

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    Posted: 25 February 2011 12:06 PM

    Over in the AFB section, Lion is not receiving much attention.  So, I thought I should ask some technical questions first.

    Generally, what benefits could lite users receive if someone set up an OS X Server for them ?

    1. Spam filter ?  by IP ?  by domain ?  White list, black list, grey list ?
    2. Web blocker ?  once again, by IP ?  by domain ?  by image size ?  by image type ?
    3. Could these be overridden by a user with a click or password ?

    File Server
    Web Server
    iCal server
    iChat server ?!?  http://www.apple.com/server/macosx/features/ichat-server.html

    Or, to rephrase:  what are the top 2-3 most popular things about OS X Server ?

  • Posted: 25 February 2011 03:22 PM #1

    Apple is definitely trying to make their servers more accessible to small business and advanced home users. However, I think that these features will be of limited value to your average user.

    That is, if the user isn’t knowledgeable enough to know if they need these features, then they probably shouldn’t enable them. The server software is still intended to be used for actual server purposes, as opposed to a local proxy for an end user’s email and web traffic.

    In any case, the whole thing leaves me with mixed feelings. On one hand it might mean greater mindshare will be given to OS X servers considering that you don’t need to buy any additional software. But the downside is this might mean Apple will eventually dumb down the feature set. That is, if they’re not catering to enterprise users by offering rack-mount hardware, etc., will they keep offering more advanced server features long-term? Hard to say.

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