Tracked by Wi-Fi data

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    Posted: 30 March 2011 09:35 PM

    Came across this article today, which mentions how Copenhagen airport is conducting an experiment by tracking movement of people by their wifi data. Creepy! But interesting smile What do you guys think?

    ?According to the New York Times, Copenhagen International Airport is currently testing a new program that monitors passengers based on WiFi data emitted from devices like laptops and smartphones. Airport officials observe travelers from a remote computer, and can tell, within 10 feet of accuracy, where they spend their time—those arriving and departing are represented by different colored dots.? 
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    Posted: 06 April 2011 04:28 PM #1

    I think it’s kinda pointless. And people can choose to turn their wi-fi off anyway.And I don’t think this can increase or enhance the security measures in the airport, either.

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    Posted: 08 April 2011 03:19 AM #2

    Theoretically, it can work.

    In practicality and return on investment, not a prayer.