Questions you want the analysts to ask

  • Posted: 12 April 2011 11:08 PM

    What questions do you wish the analysts would ask during the Q&A portion of the conference call?
    Questions that include the phrase “add some color” will be eliminated from the forum!

    Will the pace of Apple store openings increase going forward? What factors limit the pace you can open new stores?

    Is the size of Apple’s cash hoard influenced by corporate tax laws which discourage repatriation of these profits to the United States? Does investing in international Apple stores and new manufacturing centers provide an outlet for this cash?

    Does Apple have any interest in battling cheaper phones in countries like China and India where pre-paid plans and the lack of subsidies define a new game where Apple has yet to play?

    We understand the answer to the usual question about uses of the large amount of cash on the balance sheet. With that as a given, is there any point where you simply feel you have enough cash and you will at least curtain the pace of further growth?

    Are analysts models at risk from building in overly strong assumptions about Apple’s regular release cycles for iPhone and iPad? Would shifts in cycle more likely be caused by other product introductions or simply the time requirements to get future product generations sufficiently advanced?

    Tim, again we’ve seen the percentage of companies piloting or deploying iPad and iPhone has jumped to the point where there now aren’t many companies that aren’t at least looking at iOS devices in some way. We have reached the point where we now now really need to understand the differences in numbers between actual deployments and trials. Can you provide some….specifics on this point? And if I can have a follow-up if I may, what is Apple doing to further convince corporate CIOs that iOS should be their mobile platform of choice?


    Once we get the best questions, maybe we can predict Tim’s and Peter’s answers somewhat like we do for the numbers section of the call.

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    Posted: 12 April 2011 11:34 PM #1

    Why didn’t Apple announce IPad 2 sales results in the past 4 weeks ?

    How many international stores will open in the next 6 months ?

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    Posted: 13 April 2011 01:45 AM #2

    1. Describe your outlook for sales in Latin America. What immediate and long term plans do you have to enhance those sales.

    2.  Same question for India


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