Final Cut Pro and Lion

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    Posted: 13 April 2011 12:11 AM

    FCP was demo’d tonight and Apple knocked it out of the park, finally leveraging all the technologies to make a compelling advance for film and TV editors.

    Things gleaned from the demo:

    FCP’s upgrade price is a very reasonable $299, but more importantly, with the tech advances, the high-end towers will have a great advantage and there may be an uptick in the next quarter of tower sales. This upgrade appeals to all users at all levels, not just high-end users.

    FCP releases in June and IIRC is dependent on Lion, so there’s confirmation of a Lion launch date (kinda).

    The “auto” features, auto-stabilize, auto-white balance, auto audio-sync, auto audio fix (hum,etc) really show Apple leveraging its technologies. The addition of the Thunderbolt interface (quite a few supporting products announced at NAB) makes Apple and FCP the price/performance champion by a long shot.

    Lion and GCD (Grand Central) will provide a compelling base for a new level of productivity in certain businesses such as scientific and imaging. Ten years ago a system like this would cost nearly 1,000,000 (I worked on one).

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  • Posted: 13 April 2011 12:58 AM #1

    I’m going to watch the video feed tonight.  It looks awesome and I’m buying it, of course.  My new 17” MBP is going to have it first.  I wish I was there at the event—this will redefine video editing (and finishing).

  • Posted: 13 April 2011 02:24 AM #2

    I strongly agree with schLONG’s expressed points and wanted to re-emphasize that the sheer amount of engineering leveraging and integrating both hardware and software technologies in FCP X is indicative of Apple’s efficiencies and productivities in its use of resources in a business operation sense. It further built on previous developments and will deliver an elegant and desired solution for its users.

    That will likely be under-covered in the analysis and go unnoticed in the media coverage of the announcement.

    A simple review from reports below may piece it together for those non-video editors but still OS X technically aware.

    But before my brief attempt to outline scribble out a few of the many technical points revealed on stage from various sources covering it live, I would point out:

    a.) $299 price is a low amount for video editing software and an incredible value for its price. A simple no-brainer. Every toolbox has it.

    b.) While the smallish amount (for Apple) of $600 million is the amount of revenue that could be expected if all the stated satisfied 2 million of the users upgraded to it, a much larger revenue amount would be expected with the expected future hardware upgrades in time (especially when Thunderbolt comes to the Mac Pros and Thunderbolt accessories ship.) Lion upgrades will bring in some dollars too.

    c.) Competition (Adobe and Avid) will find the going tougher. So much more engineering value and the price remains low.

    d.) FCP is a niche product but a niche product that garners tremendous amount of mind-set (and publicity) of users. All the nay-sayers, those saying Apple was abandoning the product, etc. should be pointed out as wrong in their assessments and analysis of the true situation.


    Cocoa app

    Core Animation features
    Grand Central Dispatch usage of all cores (and makes use of every available CPU cycle)
    and now a very helpful fully managed Color Sync app (that received a noticeable applause in the demo)

    Automatic non-destructive color balance as media is being ingested and built-in color matching (from two different cameras - applause)

    Automatic audio clean up (get rid of hums, noise, etc.)

    Meta-data features and organizations options expanded
    Range-based tagging/keywording for clips (You can select ranges inside your clip and apply keywords to those ranges instead of just keywording the clip.)

    Auto image stabilization

    Auto people and group detection

    Smart collections: Categorizes things like media types (audio, stills), how many people are in shots and how those shots are framed.

    UI: new nesting capability - Collapsible Compound Clips: collapse chunks of media into a single clip on the timeline

    UI: Inline precision editor”: makes standard edits easier by dynamically expanding to reveal all source media a la iOS

    Three presentation ending “messages/stresses”:
    Image quality, organization, editing

    Best live English tweet: “People are gasping at this demo”

    Best live French tweet: ” Browser completement refait. Timeline conne logic” (Browser completely redone. Timeline with logic integrated into it.)

    “Timeline with logic” translates to a better productivity tool for the user in this case. This means that everyone working in video will notice the upgrade and most if not all will gladly pay for this kind of upgrade at $299.

    A final French comment: “Truc de dingue les colisions de clips sont r?gl?es de fa?on totalement intelligente ... Alleluia !!!”

    Insane packages of clips are adjusted so totally clever…Alleluia!!!

    Various sources:

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    Posted: 13 April 2011 04:12 PM #3

    Hey goubulibaozi,

    There is a high quality version of the event just posted at (french site, but the event is in English wink.

    I’m even more impressed with the interface work and the use of core technologies watching the demo. As we both have surmised, this is the first software to really show off the new power of core technologies.

    I’m wondering if Apple will target any other industries for a software makeover. POS devices is one. I can see ALOT of new software apps from what I’ve seen in FCP.