Mac Pro and it’s future

  • Posted: 23 April 2011 05:26 AM #16

    Downunder—i agree with you, a sandy bridge macbook pro with thunderbolt port, dual internal SSDs with optical drive replacement really kills the need for a Mac Pro for most people.

    however im using 2011 macbook 13”.  VRAM used from main memory, of which, unfortunately is limited to 8GB.  1280x1800.  it can drive 2540x1600 external.

    i’ve got 9 to 16 virtual expose screens and have no tolerance for slight GUI delays. 

    Unfortunately they do happen once i’ve maxxed out my 8GB RAM and i’m swapping. 

    Usually by the time I’ve got 8-16GB of swap going, i’m in molasses mode and unhappy.

    When 8GB and 16GB DIMMS are available and cheap, the Mac Pros will really not be needed for most.

    Eric Landstrom - 23 April 2011 04:56 AM

    IWait until the machine runs hot because the video cards are going bonkers from drawing a bunch of stock charts.

    eric what video cards / screens / resolutions are you running?  is tradestation graphics card bound mostly or also CPU bound?

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    Eric Landstrom - 23 April 2011 04:56 AM
    furbies - 22 April 2011 11:32 PM
    Eric Landstrom - 22 April 2011 05:50 AM

    They wind up on the floor as far away as possible to get their fan noise away from the operator.

    Personally, I’d like something as expandable but lighter and if possible, quieter.

    Quieter ?

    I’ve got a Mac Pro Quad 2.66 sitting on the left side of my desk and can just barely hear the HDDs.
    It’s not noisy at all, and I hardly ever notice the “noise” except when the HDDs are going full bore….

    Wait until the machine runs hot because the video cards are going bonkers from drawing a bunch of stock charts.

    Eric, are you using a Power Mac G5? I had one, and, if memory serves, the fans would rev up somethin’ fierce whenever it got busy. Often that would happen when I was just web browsing—especially if an ad somewhere on the page was playing some stupid Flash animation. (Which reminds me… Yahoo Finance uses Flash to display historical stock charts; is that what you’re using?)

    But since I replaced it with an early 2008 Mac Pro (same case design) I’m in heaven. Even when I have all eight cores running at 100%, it barely breaks a sweat. The only time the fan speeds go up is when the temperature in my apartment approaches 80F—but even then the noise level remains low (just a soft, quiet whir), and the only way I know that the fan speeds have gone up is because I check them with Marcel Bresink’s Hardware Monitor app.