AAPL Independent Analyst Blog Roll and Twitter Feed Index

  • Posted: 22 May 2011 09:13 PM

    We’ve entered the latter half of the June quarter and the AAPL independent analysts will start posting quarterly estimates. Please find below the list of independents analysts with web/Twitter presences:

    Web Presence
    Horace Dediu
    Dennis Hildebrand
    Robert Paul Leitao
    Turley Muller
    Daniel Tello
    Andy M. Zaky

    Twitter Presence
    Horace Dediu - asymco
    Robert Paul Leitao - PostsAtEventide
    Turley Muller - turleymuller
    Daniel Daniel Tello - dtellom
    Andy Zaky - andymzaky

    I also have a Twitter list of active AFB members: AFB member Twitter list.

    Lastly, we do have a Linkedin group for AAPL independent analysts. Please contact me at: robert(at)postsateventide.com for a membership invitation.

  • Posted: 22 May 2011 11:08 PM #1

    I’m posting this information in follow-up to Andy’s recent post. It’s often best to work together than to work alone. The more ways we are connected as active AFB members and independent analysts the more effective we become as a group.

  • Posted: 23 May 2011 12:23 PM #2

    DT, thanks for putting all this in one post and topic. It’s helped my networking efforts.

  • Posted: 23 May 2011 01:44 PM #3

    I do recommend active members bookmark the web site of the independent analysts and follow the Twitter feeds (if you aren’t doing so already).

    There’s a lot of information being published and networking is recommended to keep active members current on the latest analysis.

  • Posted: 23 May 2011 11:58 PM #4

    Twitter list of AAPL independent analysts

    I have a new Twitter list (linked above) of the independent analysts only. Follow this Twitter list for the latest insights from the group.

  • Posted: 24 May 2011 03:08 PM #5

    Twitter list of AFB members

    I’ve started a Twitter list of AFB members. If you are using Twitter please contact through Twitter @PostsAtEventide and I will add you to the list.