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    Posted: 24 May 2011 07:20 PM

    I have purchased a great deal from the recently opened Mac App Store. The other day I went to download purchases and updates that my purchase list indicated, however all those apps indicate they were purchased on a different account and wouldn’t download or update. I have only one account, the one I was logged into and the one that was showing all my purchases in that list.

    I tried the normal log out/log in, re-enter my credit card info, every thing a Mac person would try. Unfortunately, unlike the iTunes store, the is not an “De-authorize this computer/authorize this computer” pulldown, which I would have tried.

    I wrote to the email support repeatedly and they did not understand the issue, thinking I just needed to authorize my card (which I had done in my troubleshooting)

    I then called Apple support and explained that they had forked my account; the software I had purchased until this point was visible but not usable since Apple said it was tied to a different account when I tried to download it. Apple support wanted $49 to sort out the billing/authorization issue.

    Has any one else had this problem? I’ve spent a great deal of commerce thru Apple and now suddenly lose access to it and Apple doesn’t seem to care. Fired an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), expressing displeasure with Apple’s support with the App Store.

    Frankly, I’m starting to worry that they’re biting off more than they can chew with the Mac App Store. If this happened to someone who downloaded Final Cut Pro for $250 and then couldn’t use it or get support to fix the usage it would lead to some sort of blog post.

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    Posted: 24 May 2011 07:33 PM #1

    BTW, before you think I’m using AFB as tech support, my bigger point is Apple, commerce and authorization.

    The iTunes store has worked OK with music, but there are a lot of usage cases that aren’t supported (family iTunes account plus individual at the same time for example).

    I’m afraid as the stakes go higher it may become an issue as the software value is much higher than music. If people buy large dollar amounts of software, then lose use of them as I have due to authorization problems (and believe me, that’s EXACLTY what my problem is) then Apple’s going to have to show the same expertise in software sales that they do thru the physical store.

    This is not a small problem. AFter having time warner cable and internet for many years, suddenly my cable box wouldn’t stay authorized and TWC couldn’t fix it, exchanged boxes, signal was fine but the authorization was screwed up.Gave up and went internet only for TV. My concern is that Apple doesn’t have a good customer care system for the App Store. And I think the App store will eventually dwarf the music store in revenue, so I hope they get their act together (me: extremely long position).

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    Posted: 24 May 2011 07:36 PM #2

    Post a screenshot showing what you describe in your first post if you want some help.

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    Posted: 24 May 2011 07:45 PM #3

    It says the updates I have (iPhoto for example) are for another account, even though the update shows up in this account and its the only account I have. All my software is now linked to an inaccessible account.

    This happened after I opened App Store and it asked me to confirm my credit card info. I did, it accepted the info (it just needed my 3 digit back of card number and BAM) after that all previous software is now linked somewhere else.

    Try getting someone at Apple to understand this.

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    Posted: 24 May 2011 07:55 PM #4

    Even though I wouldn’t mind if someone from Apple saw this and told me how to get my software purchased thru the App Store back in my account, my bigger point is this.

    Software (or cable) authorization systems are difficult and many times brittle. They are also obtuse and not known by many people. It is super difficult to deal with customer service when they don’t understand the issue. The phone support said there was something wrong with my Mac and wanted $49, even though I can download new apps and everything is fine with the computer EXCEPT all my old apps now belong to someone else.

    Apple need to have an escalation to authorization service. Time Warner didn’t, I went thru 3 boxes, each able to get picture, but not authorize basic service. I asked TWC if I could start a new account, so I could get past my old corrupted un-authorizable account but they had no idea, and since they couldn’t deliver product, I bailed on them. As a long term holder of Apple, I’m horrified that I bought product and now a month after buying it, Apple takes it away and seeming can’t/won;t fix the problem. Not good customer service.

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    Posted: 24 May 2011 08:01 PM #5

    read this and take a look at this post specifically towards the bottom of the first page

    “Correct AnswerRe: Cannot Update Purchased App Store Apps ... Error message (You have updates
    Jan 29, 2011 1:25 PM (in response to Peggy Lynn)
    Solved! (for me and hopefully others)

    I checked the console (Applications/Utilities/ and found the following warning:

    [date] [time] mds[processID] (Warning) Server: No stores registered for metascope “kMDQueryScopeComputer”

    mds is part of Spotlight.

    I has disabled Spotlight by adding “Macintosh HD” to the Privacy tab of Spotlight preferences. I allowed Spotlight to reindex (by removing the root drive) and the updates now appear and I can update the apps without the deleting/reinstalling rigamarole. Unfortunately it appears the App Store uses Spotlight in some manner and having no scope specified caused the update process to fail for me at that point.

    Contacting App Store support resulted in an email offering to reset my password with no indication that my original had been read: I laid out solutions I had attempted, possible causes, etc. I received an email back that Denise could do nothing until I provided the requested billing information to reset my password, which I had said I didn’t want to do just yet as it didn’t seem to be related to the problem. So, good luck with customer service there?

    Hopefully this solves it for others as well. If someone comes up with a way to have Spotlight disabled and still get updates I’d be happier (or wants to experiment with exactly what scope is needed by Spotlight so I can disallow the remainder of the drive - mds and mdworker often start thrashing my drive and slowing down everything (or did - it’s been off for awhile)).

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    Posted: 24 May 2011 08:11 PM #6

    Thanks $Billyall,

    I have spotlight turned off on all computers due to video editing.

    Where did you find it? I couldn’t find discussions anymore from the support page and all the App Store links to the email support which was useless. Thanks again.

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    Posted: 24 May 2011 08:25 PM #7

    I always try the simplest route first by just typing whatever error message I get in google. In your case I just searched for:

    you have updates available for other accounts

    That support discussion page link was the first choice available from that search.

    It may take more than a quarter or two for Apple support and the team behind the Mac App store to work out all the kinks, just like any other newly introduced product. I learned a long time ago its better to patiently search online for other people having the same issue as you before trying to explain your situation to someone over the phone.

    Hope it resolves your problem completely, and you are welcome.

    That will be $9.99 tongue laugh

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