Itunes 10.3 with Cloud Question…(Easy for you smart dudes)

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    Posted: 07 June 2011 02:20 PM

    So from CNET I read their latest post from Tues June 7: Apple has released the next version of iTunes, version 10.3, which includes initial support for Apple’s new iCloud features.
    Officially unveiled at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday, iCloud is Apple’s upcoming replacement for MobileMe. While iCloud in its entirety will be available later this year, parts of it are being enabled, which include managing currently purchased items on multiple machines as well as previous purchases from the iTunes store.

    iTunes 10.3 is available via Apple’s Software Update utility.
    The new release of iTunes comes with “Automatic Download,” which will ensure all devices you have with iTunes are updated with music, apps, and books that you purchase, so an item purchased on one Mac will be downloaded on your other Macs running iTunes 10.3.
    Ultimately users will have to wait for iTunes 10.5 and OS X 10.7 “Lion” to fully implement all iCloud features, but for now this will be a convenient introduction. iTunes 10.3 is available for download either at Apple’s iTunes, through Software Update, or from the Apple Support Downloads pages (see below), and will be about 75MB in size depending on the version.
    ? iTunes 10.3
    ? iTunes 10.3 for Windows (64-bit)
    In addition to automatic downloads, the update includes options to download previously purchased items at no cost (though Apple warns that if previous purchases are no longer in the store then they will not be available).

    So here is my set of questions after pasting in all that stuff :
    1. I have 3 macs - 2 imac one macbook but I only snyc my ipod 5th gen click wheel to one of them. I buy “free” music that are podcasts and then the free download of the week and the xmas freebies on them at different times .
    1. a Will the free downloads show up as able to be purchases that can go to any of the macs through the cloud?
    1. b what are podcasts considered? Purchases ?
    1. c. If anyone has tried the icloud with itunes 10.3 I would love to hear what happened. I value my library and I don’t want to muck it up!


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  • Posted: 07 June 2011 04:35 PM #1

    Interesting questions…

    I just checked the new “Purchased” section on my iPhone, and it does not list any podcasts.

    I also do not see any of the “freebie” stuff such as ones that I got as a free song of the day/week, or from the little cards with codes that they hand out at Starbucks. Those must not count as purchases for the purposes of iCloud. I guess it’s up to you to keep those backed up, if I right about this.

    It would seem that the only audio/music that show up in your Purchased list are items you actually gave them money for.

    By contrast the Purchased list in the App Store lists everything I have ever downloaded, both free and paid.

    I am downloading iTunes 10.3 right now and will let you know what I see there…

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  • Posted: 07 June 2011 05:11 PM #2

    iTunes seems to show the same list ??no podcasts or freebies show up.

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    Posted: 07 June 2011 05:20 PM #3

    Hi “Tammy again” (and yes that really is an Asian Mongoose as my avatar).

    I tried 3 things:
    1. I downloaded a recent STARBUCKS REDEEME ITUNES CARD.  Available today!

    . Here is what is interesting, in my itunes 10.2.2 (waiting to hear more about 10.3 smile  ) look under STORE in the left hand menu bar. Then look to PURCHASED with the musical note icon (again Itunes sets this up, the human using itunes does not)...and look - my freebie is IN THIS LIST! So , in some respect ,Itunes STORE thinks my Free Download was “purchased” for $0.00.

    Then, in contrast to what you found, when I went to MY ACCOUNT which is a link with my email address (account name) at the TOP RIGHT of the itunes window when I am at the ITUNES STORE left hand link. I sign in and look - the apps (free) and THE STARBUCKS DOWNLOAD with the redeem codes are shown under my account.

    2. I looked at what my previous free apps from the app store looked like and yes, they were shown under MY ACCOUNT as purchases, but not as MUSIC (icon as noted above. ) Purchased which does make sense

    3. I downloaded THREE Free itunes downloads from the itunes store. They show up on the ITUNES (Music icon) purchased AND when I log into my account.

    Screen show shows how it looks in my account. Ignore the words at the top - I put that text box lower down.

    Now are we all confused…I look forward to more feedback! 

    ps sorry if you have trouble seeing the image but the size limitations just made me punt and pick something really small. Use your zoom! Please!

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